Welcome to SBX Training


We have been coached thousands of athletes over the past 20+ years-. You can’t fake that kind of experience. You will train with someone who has seen it all, and knows how to help you- no matter the circumstance or challenge. 

Personal Attention

As an SBX Athlete, you have access to coaches and your questions are answered in real time, by your coach. From nutrition, hydration, recovery, technique, and anything else you might need.

Extensive Resources

As a member, you will gain access to our vast library of over 840 unique workouts, hundreds of unique articles, videos, training tips, nutrition, and dozens of ready-to-go training plans for varying distances so you can start now.

What We Offer

SBX Training provides products and services to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

  •  Personal, unique training crafted to fit YOUR life
  •  Membership with exclusive access to ALL the triathlon resources you need
  •  App with access to your daily schedule and resources from everywhere
  •  Group and Individual private training sessions
  •  Bike Fitting and Swim Analysis
  •  Custom Nutrition Plans
  •  Vast Library of hard-earned training knowledge constantly updated
  •  Community support from the SBX Team of athletes in over 30 countries
  •  Junior Development expertise for young triathletes

Our training approach -- Inverted Training Periodization  — is based on innovative, simple and effective techniques without too many training hours. We focus on understanding each athlete and always put your needs first: your health, environment (family, work, stresses, nutrition, sleep) history, goals and ultimate dreams. Each person is unique and deserves individual attention - Our job is to find what works best for your personal needs and goals; so that together, you get faster, fitter, and surpasses what you ever thought possible… all while maintaining health and strength for life: This is the true meaning of what it means to be a triathlete.

Coach, Sergio Borges


Easy to use, affordable access to Coach Sergio and our team, plus invaluable content in the SBX vault of tri training videos, workouts, training plans, articles, community, and racing tips. 

Training Plans

Detailed and thorough, yet easy-to-follow plans designed to build fitness, speed, and strength before your next race- you plan the time frame and distance, we do the rest.

Private Coaching

For the committed triathlete looking for one-on-one attention:  plans designed specifically for your life and schedule to get you beyond the next level.